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Great Hall!
Clean, affordable, spacious hall with excellent facilities. Pleasure to use.
Posted by Cameron Macrae of Macmillan Bonar Bridge on 21 April 2015
Thank you Cameron for your kind comments and congratulations to you and your fellow fundraisers for such an excellent total raised.
Posted by Linda Morrice on 01 May 2015
looking for norah or crissy macleavy
In 1940 my mother had a short term pen pal that lived at 9 Tulloch rd , Bonar Bridge. Norah had a good friend named, Crissy Macleavy , they were 10 years old at the time, 1940. Norah's birthday was 2/21/1930? Does any one know of her? She would be 85 years old at this time. My mother's name was Clarabelle Klein and in lived in Avon, Oh, USA. St Mary's school in Avon connected the children to pen pals.
Thank you, Deb Kirwen
Posted by deb kirwen on 16 February 2015
Hello Deb, apologies for the delay in replying to your enquiry, I have done a bit of "detective work" and have managed to find out who the ladies in question were. Norah was Norah Mackay and Chrissie was Chrissie Macleay in them days. I spoke to both ladies today Norah especially was surprised but delighted when she heard about your message.She sends her best wishes and would be delighted to hear from you if you wanted to get in touch
Kind Regards Linda Morrice Chairperson Bonar Bridge Hall
Posted by Linda Morrice on 21 March 2015
I♥️ the gala
I love going to all the Gala Week activities it's a good thing to do when there is nothing to do and I found out I'm the princess for the gala as well I am so pleased thanks so much for picking me -xx
Posted by Samantha on 30 June 2014
Thanks committee
Posted by Samantha on 24 March 2015
just a wee hello from south africa
Hello to all that visit this site and to the bonar bridge hall committee. I am at present sitting by my pool on a hot sunny evening in cape town south africa, I was thinking about the places i used to live , and for obvious reasons thought on bonar first. I was born and brought up there. I can tell you now, that where i live now is a far cry from bonar, but i do miss it all the same.I remember we used to leave our doors unlocked to visit the kyle bakery, well we certainly cant do that here, we have a armed response burglar alarm system and bars on our windows. So although i have the weather,lovely beaches and swimming pool. I will always miss bonars friendly people , kind faces and even the nosey tongue waggers.. I wish you all well for 2010.

Ross Dingwall
Posted by Ross Dingwall on 26 January 2010
Hi Ross

Thanks for getting in touch. Life is much the same in Bonar as you remember. A great place to live!

Joan Bishop, Fund Raising Secreatary, Bonar Bridge Community Hall
Posted by Joan Bishop on 27 January 2010
Traveling to Bonar Bridge
Hi, I don't know if this is the correct place to place this comment. My family and I are traveling to Bonar Bridge next summer and would love to get in touch with relatives there. The problem is we don't know how. My husband's grandfather is from Bonar Bridge his name is John Levy. He left the area when he was about five years old and moved with his family to outside Windsor Ontario Canada. Is there any chance anyone there recognizes the name? I would appreciate a reply even if you cannot grant my request. Thank you in advance Deb Robinson
Posted by Deb Robinson on 22 September 2009
Hi Deb

Thank you for getting in touch. I am not from Bonar Bridge myself, but I will enquire from others on your behalf.


Joan Bishop
Posted by Joan Bishop on 24 September 2009
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