The Teen Cook Club resumed in November 2013 when two session were held. Recipes included Mince Pies, Chicken Fajitas and Profiteroles.

The dates for 2014 are Fridays 17th Janaury, 7th February, 14th March and 9th May. 

The youngsters have decided to make a donation to BBC Children in Need from their summer fund raising as a thank you for the help received in establising the cookery club. 

The first of four Monday cafes run by the Teen Cook Group took place on 8th July.

Fresh scones with cream & Drumliah strawberry jam, Lemon Drizzle Slices, Carrot Cake and Gluten free Chocolate Cake were on the morning coffee menu. Carrot & corriander soup and a range of sandwiches made to order, were available for lunch. A steady flow of locals and visitors supported the cafe.

The youngsters are fund raising to make their club sustainable. The Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust have underwritten the hall hire costs in support of their enterprising initiative. 

Some of the Teen Cooks & Waiters on duty 

YEAR 4 - 2013

May 10th. This week Elaine is bringing her pasta making machine and we are making Pepper Tomato and Basil Pasta - see photo below and click for recipe We are also planning our summer fund-raising lunches.

friday 10th may: elaine is bringing her pasta-making machine and we shall also be making a pepper, tomato and basil sauce. the recipe is in the library under pepper, tomato and basil pasta.

During the session on 26th April we made fajitas.

For next time on 8th March we are making curry and pancakes

The recipes selected for session 2 on 8th February are Pin Wheel Pizza and Baked Alaska. There are still four places available so if you are interested in attending please text Rosie Baxter on 07840 902792.

The first session took place on Friday 18th January after school and the menu was Bolognese Bake followed by Apple Crumble. Each secondary pupils attended from Bonar, Achany, Altass, Culrain and Rosehall.

The Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust has awarded Bonar Bridge Community Hall £300 to run a series of six Cookery Workshops for S1-3 pupils from Bonar, Ardgay & Rosehall. These will be held in the hall after school on Fridays once a month from January to June 2013. The youngsters plan, cook and eat a meal together during the two hour sessions and at the end of the project will run a food based event to generate funds for the next six sessions. The renovated hall now has Internet access in the Tea Room, so menus can be researched & costed on-line and the cooks can maintain their own page on the hall's website. The cookery workshops will be run by two local volunteers - Rosie Baxter and Elaine Kenny. 

The sessions are Fridays after-school 4-6pm on
January 18th, February 8th, March 8th, April 19th, May 10th and
June 7th.

Places are restricted to 12, so please contact Rosie Baxter to book your place - tel 01863  766257, text 07840 902792 or email 


Cookery Workshops are open to all S1-3 puils in Bonar. Please complete & bring the registration form. Click on the items below to review the recipes. The group will pick a menu for the next session.

The first session was on 11th November led by Sally Thomson. The menu was Summer Chicken Salad with Cheese & Chutney Tostados followed by Apple Muffins

The next cookery workshop was on 2nd December, after school 4-6 led by Avril Cowie and Alison MacKinnon. The menu was Spaghetti Carbonara followed by Chocolate Pudding.

Please complete & bring the registration form, if you have not already done so.



Monthly cookery workshops are being run for pupils in S1-S3 for a second year - this time funded by BBC Children in Need. They take place on Fridays after school and the dates for 2010/2011 are as follows: 17th September, 29th October, 19th November, 10th December, 28th January, 25th February, 18th March, 29th April, 20th May and 17th June.

The group prepare and then share a two course meal over which the menu  for the next session is agreed. See below for last year's dishes!

The menu for the first session on 17th September was  Tex-Mex Nachos followed by Sweet Pizza. Click on the links to review the recipe. The session was run by Sally Thomson and Darina Horvathova. For the plan for the day click here.


The second session on Friday 29th October was Beany Pasta Pots and Chocolate Fondue. Click on the links to review the recipe. For the plan for the day click here.


The session on Friday 10th Decenber trialled recipes for Potato Wedges, Toad in the Hole and Chocolate Brownies. Click on the links to review the recipe. For the plan for the day click here.

On 25th February we cooked Chiili Con Carne, Citrus Crepes and Homemade Lemonade.

 Chilli Stir Fry, Hot Chocolate and the return of Sweet Topped Pizza is the menu for 18th March workshop.

On 29th April the menu was meatballs &  chocolate crackle tops and then on 20th May warm chicken salad and  peanut cookies

Fajitas (shown above) and Cheesecake were prepared on Friday 17th June - the last workshop this school year. Thanks to Sally & Jo for master minding the operation!


Bonar Bridge Community Hall has been awarded a grant from Community Food & Health (Scotland) to run a REHIS Elementary Food and Health Course and to run a series of cookery workshops for 12-25 year olds.

The course took place on 28th & 29th August and the following people obtained the REHIS certificate as a result - Connie & Alison Mackinnon, Nicola Sawyer, Sally & Alex Thomson, Colin Morrice, Valerie Mackenzie-Harris, Isla Currie and Joan Bishop.

The first cookery workshop run by Alison Mackinnon & Joan Bishop took place on 25th September for 1st & 2nd year pupils who prepared Pizza, Flapjacks and Smoothies. Click here for the plan for the day.

The second session was on Friday 30th October when we made shepherd's pie and apple crumble. Click here for the plan for the day.

The third session was on Friday 11th December when the recipes are sausage hash and carrot cake .Click here for the plan for the day.

The fourth session was on Friday 22nd January when the recipes were carrot soup and savoury scones. These were both delicious, but I forgot to take any photos - sorry!!

The fifth session was on Friday 12th March when the recipes were cauli macaroni , baked macaroni and peanut and banans cookies. Sally & Alex Thomson ran the session (01863 766883).

The sixth session was on Friday 9th April when the recipes were tropical chicken/quorn curry , and blueberry pancakes.  

The seventh session was on Friday 7th May when the recipes were lemon meringue pie, and quorn stir fry. Sally & Alex Thomson ran the session. See plan for the day


The eigth session is on Friday 11th June when the recipes are Beefburgers or Vegieburgers, and chocolate croissant pudding. Sally & Alex Thomson will run the session (01863 766883).

Can you please email or phone Joan Bishop on 01862 810533 to confirm that you are coming.

Alison Mackinnon and Nicola Sawyer ran the first workshop for young mums on weaning foods and heathy packed lunches on Monday 14th December 11;30 - 1:30. Please email Alison for further details.

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